Bryan Atkinson​

The Redneck Veterans Advocate

Let me introduce you to Bryan Atkinson!  

Bryan is your Redneck Veterans Advocate (#RVA)

You may find him picking up a homeless veteran on the side of the road and giving him $500.  Or a group of servicemen eating at a local restaurant might find that their bill was paid by the "RVA".  

Bryan never served in a branch of the US military.  He never went through basic training.  He was never deployed.  But, you won't find a greater advocate for all retired and active military men and women in these United States!

Bryan is the guy that got national attention for blowing up a "Yeti" cooler with 22Lbs. of Tannerite when he believed that Yeti was no longer a supportive patriotic organization.

Bryan is the guy who has looked for every way possible to raise funds to help every veteran he possibly can.  This includes promoting Water's Edge custom coolers and tumblers.

Bryan presenting a Special Edition Bryan Atkinson custom cooler to a Vietnam Era Navy Veteran!

Wanna help Bryan support #22Kill?!

And, Bryan is the guy who always likes to say:

"I ain't done yet!" - #RVA

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